GATRH3 #147 AD: My Bloody Valentine

Hares: Just Renee and Dr. Penisatarian
Where:¬†Tipple’s Beer & Wine – 2440 SW 76th St, Ste 110, Gainesville, Florida 32608
Show: Feb, 9. 6:35pm – prelube on your dime at Tipple’s
Chalk talk in the rear: 7pm
Length: 3.00
Shiggy: 2.69-3

Theme: My Bloody Valentine is not only an awesome rock band from the 80-90’s but the theme of this month’s 2nd-Friday trail! You know what to do. Wear your reddest red, bring your heart, or daggers, or whatever makes you feel loved.

Bring: Valentines! (and virgins!!), cranium lamps, shiggy socks, blackberry bush de-thorner, flashlight, whistle, kitty food for the wildlife, street smarts for the neighborhood, cash/id for prelube, $5 hash cash, 2nd timers free!


GATRH3 #146 AD: Pick-up Trail

Start: Public & General,1000 NE 16th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601
Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018
Hares = You! It’s a pick-up.
6:30p = Grub and Prelube (on your own; I’ll probs go early for grub if anyone wants to join me!)
Show & Go: 7:00p
Shiggy = Who knows, it’s a pick-up. Probably not more than 2.69, but you never know if someone might find some soggy dog shit to roll in.
Length: Who knows it’s a pick up, we’ll shoot for <<2.69 for sure
What to Bring: Your own haring/beer bag, cranium lights, whistle, $5 hash cash, virgins, your inner hare.

GATRH3 Trail #143AD: Sparkles! and Glitter! New Year’s Eve Eve Trail

Dress in your fanciest Goodwill outfit but be prepared to destroy it along the way. Sparkles! And Glitter! Best dressed wins a prize!

Start: Salty Dog in Midtown
Date: Saturday December 30, 2017
6:00pm Show, 6:30pm Go
Hares: Gin Comes Out Yellow and JAG
Length: 3.69 ish
Shiggy: 2.69
Dress: Sparkles, Glitter, and Fancy Dress
What to Bring: Delicious virgins, cranium lights, $5 hash cash, a sense of adventure, your sparkliest outfits, whistles, and more virgins.

GATRH3 #142 AD: Jingle Balls Trail

Alright, let’s try this again.

When: Friday, Dec 22nd, 6:00 prelube on your own inside, 6:30 meet, 7:00 hares away (Hares are gay!)
Hares: Daddy and Tweeny
Shiggy: 0.69 – 1.69
Length: 2.69 – 3.69 miles
Where: Red Onion

What to bring: $5 (2nd timers free), lights, virgins, bells, Christmas clothing, Christmas lights, more bells, singing voices

Attempt number two at Jingle Balls this year. There will be singing of Hash Christmas Carols and plenty of light displays for us to view (or defile).

GATRH3 #141 AD: Bir-Fur-Day Trail

Where: The Ole Barn @ 1791 NE 23rd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609
When: Saturday, Dec 16th, 2:30 prelube on your own inside, 3:00 chalk talk in the rear
Hares: Dead Girl and Penisatarian
Shiggy: 2.69
Length: 3.069 miles

What to bring: $5 (2nd timers free), cranium lamp, virgins, shiggy socks, ID and ca$h for prelube, on-after, and extra credit, FUR!

Return of the BirFURday trail! Theme is fur, take that as you wish: be a furry, wear fur coat, fur beer koozies, shaggy hair, tacky prints that are meant to look like fur. Whatever else you can come up with! Dead girl turns 28 years old on December 18th, so the 16th we will be celebrating hash style.

Choir Practice to follow after on-after.

GATRH3 140 AD with D: Turkey Trail

Start is in the MetroCorp Center at the intersection of NW 39th Ave and 43rd St. 4140 NW  37th Pl

Hare Doofus

Time: 2pm Nov 19

Shiggy Level: yes. Level and un-level shiggy. 

Distance: Just long enough that you’ll be thankful when you’re done. 

Beer: cold

Bring: your favorite turkey day attire, any friends you have left, whistle, extra dry clothes, whistle, and a flashlight if you plan on getting lost in the woods for hours. 
Post circle food at Casa Doofus.

#139 GATRH3 AD: Lick-her Trail

Prelube at 6pm or earlier, a lot of people have the day off. Bring extra beer if you come earlier. Hares away whenever we feel like we are ready to leave. I have liquor I want to use so there will be a few different shots on trail. Prepare you livers.

Hares: Dead girl and Gin
When: Nov. 10 @ 6pm
Where: 4145 NW 19th Drive
Shiggy: 1.69
Length: 3.69
What to bring: $5, second timers free. Whistles, virgins, cranium lamps or flashlights, more virgins.