GATRH3 #158 AD Trail

Friday, July 13, Meet up at 6:30, hare away at 7:00

Hare: Daddy
Shiggy: 2.69-3.69
Length: 2.69-3.69
Bring: Virgins, $5 hash cash, second timers free, bug spray, cranium lamps
Start: 2415 NW 71st Place, Gainesville, FL 32653


GatrH3 #157 AD Reminiscent “Race”ist TRAIL

When: June 24
Location: Applebees on 13th Street
Show for Chalk Talk: 4:30pm
Hares away for a live lay: 4:69pm.
On-after: Applebee’s for some grub

It’s Dead Girl and Penisatarian’s 5-year Hashiversary! Our virgin trail was GATRH3 #48.69 on June 20, 2013, officially called the “Raceist Trail”, (but affectionately referred to as the “virgin trail” given the 12+ virgins that showed up). Same start location (Applebee’s) and trail theme will bring back the memories! If only we still had those dirty virgin animals…

Bring: VIRGINS!!!! Vessel (yes!), whistle, $5 hash cash (2nd timers free), ID & Cash for extra credit.

THEME: Dress like a “race-ist”(aka, runner). Pick any decade; wear all your most expensive/obnoxious running gear. race shirts, craniumbands, short shorts, tactical glasses, GPS, heart rate monitors, chip timers, tri-suits, Olympic gold medals, etc.

HARRIETTES: Dead Girl & Penisatarian
Shiggy: TBD
Length: TBD


When: June 8, 7pm

Where: Mother’s Pub & Grill on University

Hares: Pink Taco and Just Greg

Please invite your fellow GatrH3 FB friends!

Hash Cash 5$, second timers free, Cranium lamps, Virgins, bug spray.

Please bring your Gator1 cards if you’re a UF employee or student (past or present). Or some way to get on the bus, have extra credit, ID, etc.

GatrH3 #155 AD Ginnie Pre-Tube-Lube!

Ginnie Pre-Tube-Lube in Gainesville
— Crash Space available —

Thursday, May 17th
Meet at 7pm
Hare away at 7:20pm
Start behind Mothers
1017 W University Ave, Gainesville, Fl
Hare – Doofus White Boy
Theme – Summer Camp – Dress for Camping – Boy Scout, Girl Scout, 80’s lose virginity at camp movie, safari, wear Marshmallows, be a hot dog, or bring a float.
Pre-lube – Mothers
On after – maybe Mothers

For out of towners – hash with us and crash with us. A short drive out to Ginnie in the Friday AM to set up your tent in a prime location.

GatrH3 #154 AD The Rock Trail

Hares: Tweeny & Just Jason
Where: 10731 w newberry rd. Gainesville, Florida
When: May 11, 6:30 Show 7:00 Go!
Distance: 2.69-3.69
Shiggy: 2.69-3.69 (unless it rains)
Hash Cash: $5.00
The Rock Trail, that’s right, bring your favorite pet rock, dress like your favorite rock or just show up and rock out! Make sure to bring shiggy socks, bug spray, virgins, and a well trained liver!

Shut Up And Drink Your Beer Shiggy Trail #153 AD

What: Shut Up and Drink Your Beer Shiggy Trail #153AD
Date: Saturday, April 28
Time: 4:30pm show, 5:00pm go
Shiggy: 2.69 – 4.69, you decide!
Length: 2.69 miles
Hares: Urine Horse Deep & JAG

Location: 13420 Progress Blvd, Alachua, FL 32615; Essentially it’s the very back of Progress Park

No theme, just a short, shiggy trail. Quit yer bitchin’ and drink some beer.

What to bring: long pants or tall socks, bug spray, whistles, cranium gear or flashlights, $5 hash cash (second timers free), a sense of adventure, dry bag and change of clothes for circle if you end up choosing the turkey trail, and bring those virgins!!!

Trust me, don’t forget your bug spray and pants.

GATRH3 #152: Friday the 13th – Jason goes Hashing

Hares: Trebek & Just Melanie
Where: 7400 SW 41 Pl, Gainesville, FL 32608
When: Fri April 13, 7 show 7:30 go
Length: 2.69-3.69
Shiggy: 1.69-2.69
Hash cash: $5, second timers free

Details Happy Friday the 13th, lets all get murdered in the woods 80’s style. Dress up like an 80’s camp counselor and see if you can survive to the end.
time subject to change.