GATRH3 #128 AD: Pirate Hooker Trail

What: Pirate Hooker Trail!
Date: Saturday May 27, 2017
Time: 6:00pm Show, 6:30pm Go
Hares: Sunday School Stroker and JAG
Where: Westside Park parking lot on the corner of NW 34th St and NW 8th Ave
Length: 3.69 ish miles
Shiggy Level: 2.69-4.69, depends on how much rain we get!
Theme: Dress like whatever you think pirate hooker means…Best dressed wins a prize!

What to bring: Shiggy socks or long pants, BUG SPRAY, cranium light, vessel, TASTY VIRGINS, sense of adventure, and more virgins.

GATRH3 #127AD: Cinco de Drinko

Hares: Penis Fly Trap & Dead Girl
Time: May 5, Gather @ 6:30pm, hares away @ 7pm
Location: TB McPherson Recreation Complex 1717 SE 15th ST MAP
Length: 2.69 – 3.69
Shiggy: 2.69 – 3.69
Bring: bug spray, cranium lamps, virgins, sombrero, $5 (second timers free), shiggy socks, virgins, functioning liver, piñata

This will be an A to B trail.

GATRH3 #125 AD: Technicolor Jesus Trail

It’s good Friday, so lets have a good time being bad in the woods and hug some trees along the way.
Hares: Daddy, Trebek
When: April 14, 6 pm
Where: Cone Park Library Branch, 2801 E University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32641
Shiggy: 2-4
Length: 2-3 miles
Why: Because what else are you going to do?
Hash Cash: $5, second timers free
What to bring: Tie-Dye something, virgins, ID, virgins, bug spray, Shiggy Socks, Cranium Lamps.

ACR #5: White Dress Mud Bog Hot Mess

No foolin’, Menage is getting hitched. So put on your best worst white dress and get on out to the best package store just over the county line! More details to cum!
When: April 8, 4:30pm
Where: The Hitching Post Mud Bog
Shiggy: mud
Length: 1.69- 2ish
Why: Mud, booze and white dresses, all to entertain the locals
Hash Cash: $5, second timers free, but bring an extra $10 if you wish to stay for the mud bog races at 7pm

Update: you can bring a tent or small camper for overnight. Jumbo did not set a price for overnight stays, but bring a little extra to put in the pot for the courtesy. Please come a little before to get you stuff set up.

What to bring: A white dress, virgins, ID, cash for extra credit at the package lounge and concession stand, a change of clothes, virgins, bug spray, a sense of humor, closed toed shoes because parts from the trucks do fall in the mud.

GATRH3 #124 AD: Shamrock Trail

Shamrock Trail! Last chance to wear all that beer-stained green shit you won’t use for another year!

Location: Mother’s Pub & Grill, Gainesville FL
Shiggy: 1.69-2
Length: 2.69-3
When: Sunday, March 19th – that’s gives you a whole day to puke up all that green beer you drank on the 17th.

What to bring: $5 hash cash (2nd timers free), virgins!!, ID, extra credit cash$$, green socks, whistle, vessel, backsliders (yes, you!), a thirst for beer and something dirty.

Theme: Everything Green – even your undies

Hares: Dr. Penisatarian & ?
Beer: Yes.

Pre-lube on your own, in a dark corner by yourself, or with friends, at Mother’s

GATRH3 #123 AD Pick Up Trail

Pick up trail! What’s a pick up trail you say? Cum and find out!

What to bring: Virgins, cranium lights, shiggy socks, MONEY TO BUY YOUR OWN BEER, thirst for beer, sense of adventure and other general hash gear I’m forgetting

Location: Hogan’s on NW 13th St
Time: March 10, 7:00pm Show, 7:30pm Go

JAG will provide trail supplies and virgin toys.