GATRH3 #234AD: Star Trek Trail


Red Alert! Shields up! It’s time to boldly booze where no one has boozed before.

Star Date: Saturday, July 09

Time: 7:00pm Show, 7:30pm “Engage”

Set a Course for: The Forest of the Unicorn Galaxy (the pool parking lot) 4500 Sherwood Trace, Gainesville, FL 32605

Length: 2.69-3.69ish Light Years

Turbulence level: 2.69ish

Federation Membership fee: $7 for sh!tty Klingon hash beer, photon torpedo shots, water, and special equipment

Hares: Admiral Legally Dead – Will Give Head, Admiral Rock Paper SexHer, and Admiral JAG

Away Mission Equipment to bring: a will to seek out new life and new civilizations, Starfleet palm beacon (AKA cranium lamp), Environmental suit (AKA shiggy socks or pants), Hypospray (AKA bug spray), Federation Membership certificate (AKA your ID), Starfleet recruits (AKA virgins), Outpost aliens (AKA backsliders), Duty station (AKA a chair), and Starfleet security uniform (but a plain red shirt will do).

Command will award a special little prize for the Ensign who goes full-nerd and has the best uniform.

Get your nerd-on Ensign Hasher! Study-up for your exam. No need to go deep to the Delta Quadrant. It’s only basic Star Trek trivia everyone should know.

Set phasers to party mode, because the ON-AFTER will be at the Forest of the Unicorn Galaxy pool. Live long and prosper. ON-ON!

GATRH3 #233AD: Dad Trail

June 18, 2022

Westside Park, 3346 NW 8th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32605

Show at 530 go at 6! Come join us as Panda and just Shainah take you thru westside park and dip and in and out of the creek.

Dad themed! Wear your best dad gear or outfit! Let me see those new balance!

Byob so bring your back pack coolers!

You will need:
Dad outfits
New balance shoes
Bug spray
Shiggy socks
And probably some other stuff

GATRH3 #232AD: Audacity to Hope

June 4th Audacity to Hope Day! Join us for trail and HOPE that you can find on-in!
TIME: June 4, 7pm show 7:30pm go
START: Veterans Memorial Park
7400 SW 41 Pl
Gainesville, FL 32608
LENGTH: 2.69
SHIGGY: 3.69
HARES: Doggy & VIRGIN HARE Just Rachelle
WHAT TO BRING: vessel, virgins, bug spray, cranium lamp, shiggy socks, whistle, Hope & Positivity

GATRH3 #231AD: Dogs & Dudes

Duuuude…. it’s the dog bar trail. Don’t have a dog? Then do the Dude.

TIME: 5:00pm shgo!

START: Meet in parking lot on south side of Lebowskis by Friends of Library.

514 N Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601

PRE LUBE: Lebowskis (full bar and El Punto Food Truck arrives at 3pm)

LENGTH (2.69) & SHIGGY (1.69) TBD


HARES: Dr. Penisatarian, Just Winnie TDP, Loves it from behind.

WHAT TO BRING: a PUP! Yer best DUDE. ID and cash for extra credit; reusable vessel, water in your reusable water bottle, virgins, bug spray/sunscreen, dog whistles, kibble.

DOG friendly 🙂 IF you want to take your dog into the off-leash area of the Dog Bar, you must go online in advance to pay and REGISTER your dog (

ON AFTER: Lebowskis (El Punto Food Truck until 8:00pm)