GATRH3 #220 AD: 9.11 On-Up and Up Again


On the 20th Anniversary of the 9.11 attacks we will honor those lost that day and in the wars since by going up and down the steps in the swamp. The estimate is 14 ups to be at the same height as the World Trade Center. Will check on that with the firefighters, ROTC, and others who are normally doing steps in the Swamp on 9.11.We should start climbing by 6 pm as the stadium closes at 8 pm. If there are a lot of people there it will be convoy speed (slowest climber).On 9.11 the slowest are the best of us.
Slow – out of shape Florida Flatlanders.
Slower – Tough ruckers with weighted backpacks.
Slowest – Firefighters in full gear and carrying a tank.I will update this post after scouting out a parking location near where we can circle up after climbing.I will have a cooler with water in the stadium

There will be a cooler with water.

GATRH3 Trail #217 AD


trail #217
saturday june 26th
time: 5:30 show 6:00 go
distance: 2.69 – 3.69 miles
shiggy level: 2.69-3.69
Hash cash: $5, second timers free
dog friendly-ish
hares: s.s.TweenRunner & Ewe made the cut

  1. Respect others’ space, as always.
  2. Do not come to trail if you feel sick.
  3. Safety (It’s third. See what I did there?)

GATRH3 #215AD: Tutu Shiggy Trail


When: May 22, 1:pm
Where: 3100 NW 8th Avenue

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumbleeeeeee!It’s that time again, time for a shiggy tutu trail (socially distant of course) thru beautiful a Gainesville park and woods.

Please respect each other’s level of comfort with distancing. Wear masks when gathered if not enough space is available to spread out.

Your hares: Shitter Shatter & 5 Bucks

Things to bring: Bring Your Own Beverage
Masks for close contact
Dry bag
Shiggy socks
Bug spray
Sunglasses and or a hat
Sense of adventure
And probably some other things I forgot

Expect water and sand and woods. 

GATRH3 #196 AD: TuTu Trail


Hares- Just Shannon & Jag
Date SATURDAY 2/22/2020
Time 2:00 show 2:22 GO
Where West side park (park on the side off 8th)
Shiggy– 2.22-3.69 (you will get wet 😁)
Length 2.22- 4.44
What to wear TUTUS!!!
What to bring First Timers!! $5 hash cash, Second Timers Free,vessel, whistle, bug spray, your liver.
While on trail there will be a special tutu hidden somewhere. The person wearing it when they arrive at circle will receive a special prize.

GATRH3 #195 AD Jax Urban H3 Invasion TRAIL


Jax Urban H3 is in us! Get ready for some urban shiggy on v-day.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and your favorite out of town Ginger is laying trail! You know what that means? It’s a Red Power trail! Wear your most festive Red hashy attire and come join us as we take in some of the views from the pavement in your fair and friendly city.
Hare: Hashtray, Jax Urban H3
When: 6:30pm Pre-lub at Hardback Cafe (& Vegan BBQ across the street at C&G!)
7pm Circle up for start
Where: Hardback Cafe (920 NW 2nd St, Gainesville, FL 32601)
Shiggy: Urban 0.69 (Shiggy Meter)
Length: 2.69-3.69

Bring: $5 hash cash, Red, ID, maybe Extra Credit monies because who knows, cranium lamp, your ginger cousin, anticipation of hugs because we looooove GATR for letting us invade your turf!

Also, it’s a private address so assume parking is limited. Prelube elsewhere and carpooling to start is recommended.

GATRH3 #194AD: HOPs on Full mOOn pOOl Hop Polar Bare (as you dare) Plunge


Hares: Hops on Pops, Mystery Secret Co-hare
What: First full mOOn of the new year, celebrate your resolutions with a polar bare (as you dare) plunge
Where: Forest of the Unicorn pOOl (4501 SherwOOd Trace)
When: Friday January 10th, Arrive at 6:45p, 7:15 chalk talk
Why:Why not? Great way to get a fresh start to the new year
Trail: 1-2 mile “fat boy style” A to A trail, shiggy ~ 1.69, ending with a group cannon ball into the pOOl. We only be HOPping in and HOPping out!
pOOl temp: 69 – ? degrees!
Trail needs: $5 (2nd timers free) hash cash, cranium lights, towel and dry bag, weather appropriate trail clothes, first timers, sunscreen (drink), great sense of humor, and your new year resolutions.
Out of Towners welcome: crash space available upon request.

GATRH3 #192 Hashing is DUMB, dress like a hasher trail!


HARES: Mmmmm I’m Cousin’ It & Just Teen Wolf
DATE: Friday, Dec. 13th
TIME: 6:30 pm Show / 7:00 pm GO!
START: BBI Construction Management (4639 NW 53rd Ave)
SHIGGY: 3.69 (Shiggy Meter)
LENGTH: 2.69 – 3.69
WHAT TO WEAR: Your best hash appropriate clothing
WHAT TO BRING: First Timers!!! $5 Hash Cash, Vessel, Head lamp or flashlight, Whistle, Shiggy Socks, Bug Spray, sense of humor

GATRH3 #191: Turkey Trail


Date: Saturday, November 23
Start: San Felasco Park 6400 NW 43rd Way, Gainesville, FL 32653
Hares: Rock Paper SexHer and Daddy’s Meat in the Shower
Show up: 12:00 PM
Hares Away: 12:30 PM
Length: 4 – 4.69 meh!
Hash cash: $5 and one canned good for donation (second timers are free)
On-After: TBD
Shiggy: 4.69 (Shiggy Meter).

What to bring: $5 hash cash & canned good, first timers, no need for bug spray, even the mosquitoes know to stay away from this trail, vessel, whistle, high socks or long leggings
Theme: Thanksgiving

GATRH3 #189 AD: Harry Potter Back To School Trail -Redux


Don your formal wizard cloaks and get ready to cast some spells.

Date: Oct. 26
Start: Forest Park; 4501 SW 20th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32607
Hares: JAG and La Coocharacha
Show: 5:00pm
Go: 5:30pm
Theme: Harry Potter / wizards / back to school
Shiggy (difficulty): 2.69-3.69 – Shiggy Meter
Length: 2.69-4.69
Hash cash: $10 (higher hash cash for the variety of special treats that will be provided)

What to bring: $10 hash cash, first timers wearing wizarding cloaks, bug spray, flash light or head lamp, vessel, shiggy socks or pants, more first timers or justs, whistle, wands, Harry Potter garb. Change of shoes and clothes for on-af

GATRH3 PMS Trail – Ladies Only


PMS Trail hosted by GATRH3. Harriettes only trail;

10:30 AM mimosa time!
11 AM harriette away
length…. 2 miles
shiggy…. 1.69-2.69
hash cash $10 – includes champagne and brunch snacks
harriette – Dr. Penisatarian
Theme: unicorn, pink, and/or time of the month gear all appropriate
NOTE: it’s quite possible you’ll want to get WET; bring a towel, swimming costume, change of clothes, etc. suggested.

PMS patches available

GATRH3 #184 AD: Shiggy for Breakfast


Start your day with some healthy hashing! 

Date: Saturday, July 20
Start: Evergreen Uptown/ Red Onion (3885 NW 24th Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32605)
Hares: Doggy & Daddy
Show: 10am HST
Go: 10:30am ish
Theme: anything summer! 
Shiggy: 3.69 (Shiggy Meter )
Length: 2.69

What to bring: $5 hash cash, first timers, bug spray, vessel, high socks or pants, more first timers or justs, whistle, enthusiasm, hopes and dreams, ID, cash for extra drinks or food

GATRH3 #182AD – Shiggy Chitty Chatty TuTu (22) Trail


Join us for some shiggy tutu fun and celebration of Chitty’s b-day! Strap on your favorite tutu (2-2) and maybe also a strap on. 

Date: Saturday, June 22
Start: Publix at Springhill Commons 9200 NW 39th Avenue
Hares: JAG and special guest hare, Rock Paper SexHer
Show-up: 5:30pm
Go: 6:00pm
Theme: wear a tutu
Shiggy: 2.69-3.69
Length: 2.69-4.69
Hash cash: $5

What to bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, first timers wearing tutus, bug spray, headlamp or flashlight, drinking vessel, high socks or pants, more first-timers or justs, whistle, tutus, ID, cash for extra drinks/food.

GATRH3 #219AD: Doggy-Style Trail

It’s the Dog Days of Summer, so let’s leash up and do a trail doggy-style! Bring your four-legged best friend for some howling good fun! There will be treats for all kinds of hounds.
When: Aug. 14, 10am HST – why so early? So it’s cooler for the pups. Don’t worry, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
Where: City parking lot on 2nd Street (206 NW 2nd Street)
Hares: Doggy (of course!) & Menage
Shiggy: .69
Length: 2-2.69 miles
Hash Cash: $10 (2nd timers Free)
What to bring: A waggity tail, first timers, a good boy/girl if you have one, ID, Extra credit, sense of humor
On-After: 4th Avenue Food park(cuz it’s dog friendly and has more shade)

GATRH3 #216 AD: Naughty School Girl Trail

Well bless my dictionaries! They went and gave SexHer a master’s degree!
WHO: All Wankers who have endured SexHer studying all the d@mn time and any other with half a mind
WHAT: Enjoy this game-filled Naughty School Trail as repayment for dealing with SexHer’s antisocial study habits
WHEN: After school on Saturday 12 June 2021 at 5:30 PM Show and 6:00 PM Hares Away. So don’t be late for school.
WHERE: The west parking lot behind Mother’s Pub & Grill North located at 5109 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32606.
WHY: Because SexHer wants to thank you Halfminds for dealing with him being Mr. Nerdy McNerdison all the eff’n time
Attire: Channel your inner Britany Spears and bust out your Catholic school girl uniforms (naughty knee-high socks, s3xy short skirts, half-buttoned white dress shirts, hair bows or ribbons, and knotty neckties “All the better to choke you with, my dear.”) Well of course there will be a prize for Best Outfit, my young pupil.
Length: All long as the Headmistress’s Paddle or 3.69-4.69ish “Who said head?”
Shiggy Level: 2.69-3.69 “Thorns, and spiders, and tics – oh my!” Bring a dog, because they are smarter than you.
Hash Cash: $5 or BYOB. Also there will be school games (with prizes).
Hares: Rock Paper SexHer (AKA the Freshman, AKA Griffin Dork) and JAG
What to Bring: Shiggy socks; bug spray; vessels (beer mug); whistle, flesh lights, competitive attitude for school games, muggle-friendly on-after clothes; don’t bring the teacher an apple – bring first timers
On-After: At Mother’s Pub & Gill North (So bring muggle-friendly clothes, fake ID’s and your stolen lunch money.)

  1. Respect others’ space, as always.
  2. Do not come to trail if you feel sick.
  3. Safety (It’s third. See what I did there?)

GATRH3 #197 AD: St. Pat’s Trail

Join us for a St. Patrick’s Day themed trail.
When: 3/13 1830 Show, 1900 Hares away.
Where: Piesanos at Hunter’s Crossing, 5200 NW 43rd Street
Meet in the parking lot for Chalk Talk.
Shiggy Level: TBD
Distance: 2.69
What to bring: $5 hash cash (Free 2nd Timers), ID, Bug Spray, Cranium Gear, Virgins, Extra Cash, Snake Repellant, Green Stuff, First timers, 4 Leaf Clovers, First Timers.