ACR #4: My Redneck Valentine – or where my sister works…

At long last, another Alachua Country Ramblers trail. This time with shiggy and titties!
Hares: Shower Daddy and Menage
When: Feb. 25, 2pm
Where: Cafe Risque, Micanopy, meet in the back parking lot
Shiggy: 2.69-3
Length: 3.69-4 miles
Bring: $5 hash cash and ID, and if you plan on staying for the on-after there is a minimum and cover of $5-10. Virgins, singles, shiggy sock, virgins, sense of humor.

GATRH3 #122 AD: Rocky Trail

Hares: Sunday School Stroker and Just Pat
Date: Friday February 10th
Where: Veterans Memorial Park
7340 SW 41 Pl, Gainesville, FL 32606

When: 6:30pm meet, 7:00pm hares away
Shiggy: 2.69-3.69
Length: 2-3 miles
Dress: wear your best rocky themed outfit

Bring: virgins, cranium lights, $5 hash cash, shiggy socks, bug spray, vessels and rocky gear.

GATRH3 #121 Tutu Trail!!

Hares: JAG
Date: Thursday January 26
Where: Possum Creek Park
4009 NW 53rd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32653

When: 6:30 meet, 7:00 hares away
Shiggy: 1.69-2.69
Length: 2-3 milesDress: tutus!!!! Even if it’s not 22 we are celebrating

Bring: virgins, cranium lights, $5 hash cash, shiggy socks, bug spray, vessels and TU-TUs!!!!

GATRH3 #118 AD: Jingle Bell Trail

Hares: Dead Girl and Hops on Pops
Shiggy: 0.69 – 1.69
Length: 2.69-3.69
Start: Dark corner in the Pizza Hut complex near 5400 NW 34th Street
Time: December 17, 7pm start, hares away by 7:20, pack away by 7:40
Bring: 5$ hash cash (2nd timers free), virgins, regular trail supplies for this time of year, holiday spirit, singing voice, extra credit $$, ID
What to wear: Balls, All the balls, Jingly Balls, holiday trail attire
Disclaimer: though there may be pubs on trail, this is a trail NOT a pub crawl

GATRH3 #117 AD: Pets & Pajamas

Theme: Pets & Pajamas
Hares: Penis Flytrap & Hops on Pops
Where: Munegin’s On 13th,  4005 NW 13th St, Gainesville, Florida 32609
When: Dec. 9,  6:30pm prelube on your own at the bar, 7pm start, 7:15pm hares away, 7:30pm pack away (HST)Shiggy: 2.69 – 3.69
Length: 2.69 – 3.69
Hash cash: 5$ and 2nd timers free
What to wear: Pajamas (suitable for trail and bars) or as favorite pet (kitty ears, tails, etc), appropriate foot wear (bunny slippers will earn bonus points)
What to bring: flashlight, regular trail needs, virgins, hash cash, bar friendly pet (preferably a stuffed animal)

GATRH3 #116 AD: Turkey Tu-tu Trail

Get ready to gobble, wobble and piroette for a turkey of a trail!
Hares: Shower Daddy and Menage
When: Nov. 22, 6:30 meet up, hares away 7pm
Where: Gators Dockside, back parking lot. Pre-pre lube at the bar.
Shiggy: 2.69-3
Length: 2.69-3.69
Bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, ID, cash/payment for extra credit, TU-TU, cranium lamps, Virgins, bug spray, Virgins, shiggy socks, Virgins….