GATRH3 PMS Trail – Ladies Only


PMS Trail hosted by GATRH3. Harriettes only trail;

10:30 AM mimosa time!
11 AM harriette away
length…. 2 miles
shiggy…. 1.69-2.69
hash cash $10 – includes champagne and brunch snacks
harriette – Dr. Penisatarian
Theme: unicorn, pink, and/or time of the month gear all appropriate
NOTE: it’s quite possible you’ll want to get WET; bring a towel, swimming costume, change of clothes, etc. suggested.

PMS patches available


GATRH3 #184 AD: Shiggy for Breakfast


Start your day with some healthy hashing! 

Date: Saturday, July 20
Start: Evergreen Uptown/ Red Onion (3885 NW 24th Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32605)
Hares: Doggy & Daddy
Show: 10am HST
Go: 10:30am ish
Theme: anything summer! 
Shiggy: 3.69 (Shiggy Meter )
Length: 2.69

What to bring: $5 hash cash, first timers, bug spray, vessel, high socks or pants, more first timers or justs, whistle, enthusiasm, hopes and dreams, ID, cash for extra drinks or food

GATRH3 #182AD – Shiggy Chitty Chatty TuTu (22) Trail


Join us for some shiggy tutu fun and celebration of Chitty’s b-day! Strap on your favorite tutu (2-2) and maybe also a strap on. 

Date: Saturday, June 22
Start: Publix at Springhill Commons 9200 NW 39th Avenue
Hares: JAG and special guest hare, Rock Paper SexHer
Show-up: 5:30pm
Go: 6:00pm
Theme: wear a tutu
Shiggy: 2.69-3.69
Length: 2.69-4.69
Hash cash: $5

What to bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, first timers wearing tutus, bug spray, headlamp or flashlight, drinking vessel, high socks or pants, more first-timers or justs, whistle, tutus, ID, cash for extra drinks/food.

GATRH3 #186 AD: Slum Run

HARES: Oral-B & Urine on Beer Truck / Co-Hare
DATE: Friday, Aug. 9th 
TIME: 6:30 pm Show / 7:00 pm GO! 
START: Home Depot Parking Lot (5150 NW 13th St.)
SHIGGY: 1.69 – 2.69 (Shiggy Meter)
LENGTH: 2.69 
WHAT TO WEAR: Slummy Clothes, that you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing in public, yet you will be in public. 
WHAT TO BRING: First timers!!! $10 Hash Cash, ID!!!!!, Vessel, Cranium Lamp, Whistle, Shiggy Socks, Bug Spray, cash for extra stops
ON AFTER: 6th Street North

GATRH3 #183AD: Bastille Day Part Deux

Quand: 6:30pm, July 12
Lapine(s): Menage a Frottage et…?
Ou: The Midnight, 223 S Main St
Pourquoi: Nous aimons boire!
Le shiggy: .69
Durée: 1.69-2 miles
Thème: Grab your stripey shirts, berets and baguettes! Be as Frenchie as you can be! Ma oui!
Apporter: $7 hash cash (to cover a special stop), second timers free, flashlight, bug spray, a dry shirt perhaps…there may be rain…c’est la vie. Extra cash for Extra Credit and ID.

GATRH3 #181 AD: National Flag Day

Hared by S.S. Tweeny and THC. A to B, transportation back will be provided.
When: 6/14. Orientation: 6:30, hares away 7:00
Why: Theme is national flag day, so come with your flag apparel
Where: Target parking lot, back towards Dairy Queen
3970 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608
What: Bring flashlight, $5 hash cash (second timers free), bug spray, extra cash for extra beverage stops
Shiggy:  2.69 (Shiggy Meter)

GATRH3 #180AD Pre-Ginnie Trail

Hare – Doofus White Boy
@ The Midnight: 223 S Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601

May 16

6:00 PM ET pre-lube (w/ food!) at The Midnight
6:30 PM ET to adjacent parking lot for chalk talk
7:00 PM ET hare away

If there is demand – Doofus will supply a van run from Ginnie to Gville and back to assist those who leave camp for trail. You know – hashers.

Shiggy is in the forecast. Bring a flashlight, vessel, $5 hash cash; the usual, etc. ID and extra cash/card for extra credit.