GATRH3 #83 AD Easter & Good Friday Trail (We’re all going to hell)

It’s Good Friday and Easter, ya’ll! Strap on your best pastel dress, t-shirt and/or anything Easter-y and follow Dead Girl and JAG through the woods and thorns in search of Easter Eggs (aka beer). Better search well…we may be hiding behind a rock with Jesus!

When: Friday April 3 – 6:30pm Show; 7:00pm Go
Hares: Dead Girl and JAG
Shiggy: 2.69 ish
Length: 2.69-3.69 miles
Where: Dollar General on NE 39th Ave MAP

What to bring: $5 (2nd timers free), FLASHLIGHT, virgins, BUG SPRAY, ID, shiggy socks or pants, more virgins and oh, more virgins.

Email to RSVP