GATRH3 #85 Pirate Themed Trail


Scallywags, Wenches, and Fellow Pirates… Bewarrrre
When: May 8, 7pm start
Hare: Hops on Pirates

GATRH3 #85 AD-Scallywags, Wenches, and Fellow Pirates… Bewarrrre
7pm start
Hares: Pirette Hops on Pops and Pirette Mystery Harriette
Where: SW corner of Publix (9200 NW 39th Ave)
7:15pm Pirette harriettes away
7:30pm Pack away
Trail: 1.5 – 2.5 miles, shiggy 2.69, virgin friendly, injury friendly, hook friendly, and peg leg friendly trail. 2 beer stops, and 2 scurvy checks
Hash cash: $5, second timers free
Attire: Pirate wear
What to bring: hash cash, ID, extra credit money, vessel, swim suit, towel, change of clothes for on after, bug spray and regular trail supplies, GPS, treasure map glasses, and great sense of humor or you’ll be walkin’ the plank!

Bring a vessel you can carry on trail, and hook it to yer attire

Ā RRRRRRRsvp by Wednesday May 6 if you dare want enough grog for us to set sail into the shiggy.

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