GATRH3 #194AD: HOPs on Full mOOn pOOl Hop Polar Bare (as you dare) Plunge

Hares: Hops on Pops, Mystery Secret Co-hare
What: First full mOOn of the new year, celebrate your resolutions with a polar bare (as you dare) plunge
Where: Forest of the Unicorn pOOl (4501 SherwOOd Trace)
When: Friday January 10th, Arrive at 6:45p, 7:15 chalk talk
Why:Why not? Great way to get a fresh start to the new year
Trail: 1-2 mile “fat boy style” A to A trail, shiggy ~ 1.69, ending with a group cannon ball into the pOOl. We only be HOPping in and HOPping out!
pOOl temp: 69 – ? degrees!
Trail needs: $5 (2nd timers free) hash cash, cranium lights, towel and dry bag, weather appropriate trail clothes, first timers, sunscreen (drink), great sense of humor, and your new year resolutions.
Out of Towners welcome: crash space available upon request.