GATRH3 #177 AD: Easter Keg Trail + Resurrections + Prelube Friday Night

Friday night Prelube:
April 12, 6:30 PM at Hogan’s Sandwiches, beer and food on your own.

An annual GATRH3 Erections Event! It’s that time of year, the changing of the guard and fresh BLOOD with new ideas to herd this group of GATRs. Plus there will be fun, food, and a bonfire! Crash space available for out of towners…

Date: Saturday, April 13
Time: 4:30pm Show, 5:00pm Go (or whenever BB arrives from work)
Start: 4908 NW 34th Blvd., the parking lot in front of Dolce Vita Bakery
Length: 2.69ish miles
Shiggy level: .69 – 2.69ish (yeah, vague but you won’t be swimming…)
Trail is A to A’, just a short walk back to start or toss your crap in a car to be available at end
Hash Cash: $15; there will be food at the end and extra drinks for the erections portion of the event
Hare: Tie Me Up Trebek

What to bring: virgins; a thirst for beer; easter, jesus, and/or pastel attire; $15 hash cash; cranium lamp; shiggy socks or pants; A VESSEL; whistle; bug spray; ID; uber/lyft plans; more virgins; and virgins.


GATRH3 #169AD: Special Event Trail

Prepare for an epic trail of 69 stripper pole spectacularness. It’s been 169 trails since we sort of kind of started counting these (maybe) after Doofus moved away.

Date: Saturday, December 29, 2018
Start: Munegins on 13th
Hares: JAG and Just Travis
Show: 4pm
Go: 4:30pm
Theme: All things 69! Or strippers! Or poles! Get creative, there will be a prize.
Shiggy: 2.69-4.69
Length: 2.69-6.69 miles, okay it won’t really be that long but ….
Hash cash: $15, increased price includes food and special 169ish things…

What to bring: $15 hash cash, virgins who like poles or 69s, cranium light, vessel, shiggy socks or pants, more virgins or justs, whistles, 69 trail appropriate attire, glitter just cause, and the other normal crap I’m forgetting to mention.

PS – Gator bowl game is at 12pm that day so prelube is possible ….

GATRH3 #165 AD: World Peace Through Beer Hash

When: Sat. Oct. 26, 5pm
Where: World of Beer on 34th Street

Bring: yourself, money for beer, $3 for the patch
LOCATION: World of Beer
Shiggy: 0.69
Length: 1.69
Time: 5pm show 5:30 go, drinking beers from around the
Possibly drinking practixe but it will only be a brief trail if I can get my crap together tomorrow.
Hare: Dead Girl

GATRH3 #162 AD: Bloody Sanchez and Just Darius GLO Prelube TRAIL

Hares: Bloody Sanchez and Just Darius
When: Thursday, Sept.13th, 6:30 show, 7:30 Go,
Where: 2900 SW 42nd St, Gainesville, FL 32608 Parking at Northernmost point of parking lot.
Shiggy: 4.069
Length: 3+ miles
Bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, Virgins, bug spray, prophylactics, shiggy socks, bug spray, cranium lamps, vessels

GatrH3 #155 AD Ginnie Pre-Tube-Lube!

Ginnie Pre-Tube-Lube in Gainesville
— Crash Space available —

Thursday, May 17th
Meet at 7pm
Hare away at 7:20pm
Start behind Mothers
1017 W University Ave, Gainesville, Fl
Hare – Doofus White Boy
Theme – Summer Camp – Dress for Camping – Boy Scout, Girl Scout, 80’s lose virginity at camp movie, safari, wear Marshmallows, be a hot dog, or bring a float.
Pre-lube – Mothers
On after – maybe Mothers

For out of towners – hash with us and crash with us. A short drive out to Ginnie in the Friday AM to set up your tent in a prime location.

ACR #5: White Dress Mud Bog Hot Mess

No foolin’, Menage is getting hitched. So put on your best worst white dress and get on out to the best package store just over the county line! More details to cum!
When: April 8, 4:30pm
Where: The Hitching Post Mud Bog
Shiggy: mud
Length: 1.69- 2ish
Why: Mud, booze and white dresses, all to entertain the locals
Hash Cash: $5, second timers free, but bring an extra $10 if you wish to stay for the mud bog races at 7pm

Update: you can bring a tent or small camper for overnight. Jumbo did not set a price for overnight stays, but bring a little extra to put in the pot for the courtesy. Please come a little before to get you stuff set up.

What to bring: A white dress, virgins, ID, cash for extra credit at the package lounge and concession stand, a change of clothes, virgins, bug spray, a sense of humor, closed toed shoes because parts from the trucks do fall in the mud.

GATRH3 #124 AD: Shamrock Trail

Shamrock Trail! Last chance to wear all that beer-stained green shit you won’t use for another year!

Location: Mother’s Pub & Grill, Gainesville FL
Shiggy: 1.69-2
Length: 2.69-3
When: Sunday, March 19th – that’s gives you a whole day to puke up all that green beer you drank on the 17th.

What to bring: $5 hash cash (2nd timers free), virgins!!, ID, extra credit cash$$, green socks, whistle, vessel, backsliders (yes, you!), a thirst for beer and something dirty.

Theme: Everything Green – even your undies

Hares: Dr. Penisatarian & ?
Beer: Yes.

Pre-lube on your own, in a dark corner by yourself, or with friends, at Mother’s