GATRH3 #175 AD: Lumber Trail

Lumber is in town and you know what that means… there will be trail.

Will it be good? Who knows!
What’s the Shiggy rating? Dunno yet!
How long is it? Long enough!

These are good questions, you’ll have to show up to find out; it’s a LIVE LAY!

What to bring:
hash cash ($5),
something warm (if you think 65° is cold),
a light source (cranium lamp!),
a change of shoes (it’s a LIVE LAY so no telling if you’ll get wet feet or not),
a vessel (for your beer drinking),
virgins (sacrifice!),
a sense of direction (the hare forgot his),
a whistle (or just yell real loud),
tacos (I’m hungry)

GATRH3 #83 AD Easter & Good Friday Trail (We’re all going to hell)

It’s Good Friday and Easter, ya’ll! Strap on your best pastel dress, t-shirt and/or anything Easter-y and follow Dead Girl and JAG through the woods and thorns in search of Easter Eggs (aka beer). Better search well…we may be hiding behind a rock with Jesus!

When: Friday April 3 – 6:30pm Show; 7:00pm Go
Hares: Dead Girl and JAG
Shiggy: 2.69 ish
Length: 2.69-3.69 miles
Where: Dollar General on NE 39th Ave MAP

What to bring: $5 (2nd timers free), FLASHLIGHT, virgins, BUG SPRAY, ID, shiggy socks or pants, more virgins and oh, more virgins.

Email to RSVP