GATRH3 #195 AD Jax Urban H3 Invasion TRAIL


Jax Urban H3 is in us! Get ready for some urban shiggy on v-day.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and your favorite out of town Ginger is laying trail! You know what that means? It’s a Red Power trail! Wear your most festive Red hashy attire and come join us as we take in some of the views from the pavement in your fair and friendly city.
Hare: Hashtray, Jax Urban H3
When: 6:30pm Pre-lub at Hardback Cafe (& Vegan BBQ across the street at C&G!)
7pm Circle up for start
Where: Hardback Cafe (920 NW 2nd St, Gainesville, FL 32601)
Shiggy: Urban 0.69 (Shiggy Meter)
Length: 2.69-3.69

Bring: $5 hash cash, Red, ID, maybe Extra Credit monies because who knows, cranium lamp, your ginger cousin, anticipation of hugs because we looooove GATR for letting us invade your turf!

Also, it’s a private address so assume parking is limited. Prelube elsewhere and carpooling to start is recommended.

GATRH3 #188 AD: Shiggy, Sh*tty Beer Mile(ish)

HARES: Menaj & Butters
DATE: Friday, Oct. 11
TIME: 6:30 pm Show / 7:00 pm GO!
START: Casa de UrineHurt (email for directions)
SHIGGY: 2.69-3
LENGTH: ~ 1.69
WHAT TO WEAR: Clothes you don’t mind sweating in
WHAT TO BRING: First timers!!! $5 Hash Cash, Vessel, Cranium Lamp, Whistle, Shiggy Socks, Bug Spray, Second Timers Free
ON AFTER: Random Bar or Hash Cruise

GATRH3 #180AD Pre-Ginnie Trail

Hare – Doofus White Boy
@ The Midnight: 223 S Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601

May 16

6:00 PM ET pre-lube (w/ food!) at The Midnight
6:30 PM ET to adjacent parking lot for chalk talk
7:00 PM ET hare away

If there is demand – Doofus will supply a van run from Ginnie to Gville and back to assist those who leave camp for trail. You know – hashers.

Shiggy is in the forecast. Bring a flashlight, vessel, $5 hash cash; the usual, etc. ID and extra cash/card for extra credit.

GATRH3 #162 AD: Bloody Sanchez and Just Darius GLO Prelube TRAIL

Hares: Bloody Sanchez and Just Darius
When: Thursday, Sept.13th, 6:30 show, 7:30 Go,
Where: 2900 SW 42nd St, Gainesville, FL 32608 Parking at Northernmost point of parking lot.
Shiggy: 4.069
Length: 3+ miles
Bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, Virgins, bug spray, prophylactics, shiggy socks, bug spray, cranium lamps, vessels

GATRH3 #159 AD: Emoji Trail

Saturday, July 21, 4pm

What: Hogtown Creek Emoji Trail #159 AD
Hares: GGB and Cooch
Start:4026 NW 16th St
This is a home address. We suggest carpooling or parking at CVS. (It’s 2 blocks away.)
Theme: In honor of Jag’s Bday on Tuesday July 17, we will be celebrating World Emoji Day
Come dressed in your Emoji shirt, pants, hat, socks, etc…. Sharpie Emoji’s are acceptable. Make an effort 🙃
Time: 4:00 show, 4:30 go. Roughly ending at 8
Shiggy: 2.69
Length: 2.69 miles😊
Just a short shiggy Creek trail. Extra credit if you find any 🦈 teeth.
Bring: Long 👖 or tall 🧦, 🐜 spray, whistles, cranium gear (just in queso ) $5 Hash Cash 💰, a dry bag with change of clothes.

GatrH3 #155 AD Ginnie Pre-Tube-Lube!

Ginnie Pre-Tube-Lube in Gainesville
— Crash Space available —

Thursday, May 17th
Meet at 7pm
Hare away at 7:20pm
Start behind Mothers
1017 W University Ave, Gainesville, Fl
Hare – Doofus White Boy
Theme – Summer Camp – Dress for Camping – Boy Scout, Girl Scout, 80’s lose virginity at camp movie, safari, wear Marshmallows, be a hot dog, or bring a float.
Pre-lube – Mothers
On after – maybe Mothers

For out of towners – hash with us and crash with us. A short drive out to Ginnie in the Friday AM to set up your tent in a prime location.

ACR #4: My Redneck Valentine – or where my sister works…

At long last, another Alachua Country Ramblers trail. This time with shiggy and titties!
Hares: Shower Daddy and Menage
When: Feb. 25, 2pm
Where: Cafe Risque, Micanopy, meet in the back parking lot
Shiggy: 2.69-3
Length: 3.69-4 miles
Bring: $5 hash cash and ID, and if you plan on staying for the on-after there is a minimum and cover of $5-10. Virgins, singles, shiggy sock, virgins, sense of humor.