GatrH3 #154 AD The Rock Trail

Hares: Tweeny & Just Jason
Where: 10731 w newberry rd. Gainesville, Florida
When: May 11, 6:30 Show 7:00 Go!
Distance: 2.69-3.69
Shiggy: 2.69-3.69 (unless it rains)
Hash Cash: $5.00
The Rock Trail, that’s right, bring your favorite pet rock, dress like your favorite rock or just show up and rock out! Make sure to bring shiggy socks, bug spray, virgins, and a well trained liver!


GATRH3 #152: Friday the 13th – Jason goes Hashing

Hares: Trebek & Just Melanie
Where: 7400 SW 41 Pl, Gainesville, FL 32608
When: Fri April 13, 7 show 7:30 go
Length: 2.69-3.69
Shiggy: 1.69-2.69
Hash cash: $5, second timers free

Details Happy Friday the 13th, lets all get murdered in the woods 80’s style. Dress up like an 80’s camp counselor and see if you can survive to the end.
time subject to change.

GATRH3 #147 AD: My Bloody Valentine

Hares: Just Renee and Dr. Penisatarian
Where:¬†Tipple’s Beer & Wine – 2440 SW 76th St, Ste 110, Gainesville, Florida 32608
Show: Feb, 9. 6:35pm – prelube on your dime at Tipple’s
Chalk talk in the rear: 7pm
Length: 3.00
Shiggy: 2.69-3

Theme: My Bloody Valentine is not only an awesome rock band from the 80-90’s but the theme of this month’s 2nd-Friday trail! You know what to do. Wear your reddest red, bring your heart, or daggers, or whatever makes you feel loved.

Bring: Valentines! (and virgins!!), cranium lamps, shiggy socks, blackberry bush de-thorner, flashlight, whistle, kitty food for the wildlife, street smarts for the neighborhood, cash/id for prelube, $5 hash cash, 2nd timers free!

GATRH3 #138 AD: Zombie Trail!


Hares: JAG and Just Renee
Where: GACAR Office Complex Near Ft. Clarke Blvd 1750 NW 80th Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32606
When: Saturday October 21
6:30pm show, 7pm go
Shiggy level: 2.69-3.69
Length: 3.69 ish
Theme: Dress like a zombie, duh.

What to bring: $5 hash cash (2nd timers free), shiggy socks or pants, bug spray, cranium lamps, your best zombie attire, tasty virgin brains, dignity (just kidding!), more virgin brains, whistles, and half mind brains.

GATRH3 #137 AD: Friday the 13th on 13th

Hare: Menage + Just Dick
When: 10/13 @ 6:30 HST
Where: Hogans Sandwiches on 13th Street
Shiggy: 1.69-2
Length: 1.69-2.69
What to bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, cranium lamps, Virgins, ID and cash for extra credit, Virgins, lucky rabbits foot, horse shoe or anything else to help you stave off the evil eye.

GATRH3 #132 AD

Hares: Daddy’s Meat and Just Dick
When: July 29th, Meet at 2:30, hares away 3:00
Where: Near Dunkin Donuts at NW 39th ave and 83rd street at apartment office area
Length: 3-4 miles
Shiggy: 2.69-3.69
Bring: bug spray, virgins, shiggy socks, bug spray, $5 (second timers free)

This will be an A to B trail