GATRH3 #178 AD: Eat a Big D**k (Burger)

There is a burger place with a hash appropriately named entree.
Hares: Trebek and anyone that wants to join me
Where: 720 SW 2nd Ave
When: April 27, 11 am
Trail: A – B; Less than a half mile from start
Length: 1.69 – 2.69
Shiggy: 0.69
Hash Cash: $5
What to bring: Virgins, Card or Cash for EC, an appetite


GATRH3 #165 AD: World Peace Through Beer Hash

When: Sat. Oct. 26, 5pm
Where: World of Beer on 34th Street

Bring: yourself, money for beer, $3 for the patch
LOCATION: World of Beer
Shiggy: 0.69
Length: 1.69
Time: 5pm show 5:30 go, drinking beers from around the
Possibly drinking practixe but it will only be a brief trail if I can get my crap together tomorrow.
Hare: Dead Girl

GATRH3 #135 AD: Short, Sweet and Shiggy

Hare: Menage
Where: El Indio on 34th Blvd
When: 9/8, 630 show, 645-7 go
Length: .69-1.69 mile
Shiggy: 2-3 depending on rain
What to bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, ID, Extra credit, but spray, cranium lamp, Virgins

This is now a hurricane party trail, short and fun. Expect a chill social circle with wieners.

GATRH3 #123 AD Pick Up Trail

Pick up trail! What’s a pick up trail you say? Cum and find out!

What to bring: Virgins, cranium lights, shiggy socks, MONEY TO BUY YOUR OWN BEER, thirst for beer, sense of adventure and other general hash gear I’m forgetting

Location: Hogan’s on NW 13th St
Time: March 10, 7:00pm Show, 7:30pm Go

JAG will provide trail supplies and virgin toys.