GATRH3 #181 AD: National Flag Day


Hared by S.S. Tweeny and THC. A to B, transportation back will be provided.
When: 6/14. Orientation: 6:30, hares away 7:00
Why: Theme is national flag day, so come with your flag apparel
Where: Target parking lot, back towards Dairy Queen
3970 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608
What: Bring flashlight, $5 hash cash (second timers free), bug spray, extra cash for extra beverage stops
Shiggy:  2.69 (Shiggy Meter)


GATRH3 #180AD Pre-Ginnie Trail

Hare – Doofus White Boy
@ The Midnight: 223 S Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601

May 16

6:00 PM ET pre-lube (w/ food!) at The Midnight
6:30 PM ET to adjacent parking lot for chalk talk
7:00 PM ET hare away

If there is demand – Doofus will supply a van run from Ginnie to Gville and back to assist those who leave camp for trail. You know – hashers.

Shiggy is in the forecast. Bring a flashlight, vessel, $5 hash cash; the usual, etc. ID and extra cash/card for extra credit.

GATRH3 #176 AD: Tu-Tu Trail

Celebrate Tweeny and Doggy’s 2-2 years together on March 2-2!
Start Location: Tween Dogg’s House
Shiggy Level: 2.69 – 3.69
Length: 3.69
6:30 show 7 go HST
What to Bring: Tutu! Cranium gear, bug spray, vessel, shiggy socks, virgins.

GATRH3 #175 AD: Lumber Trail

Lumber is in town and you know what that means… there will be trail.

Will it be good? Who knows!
What’s the Shiggy rating? Dunno yet!
How long is it? Long enough!

These are good questions, you’ll have to show up to find out; it’s a LIVE LAY!

What to bring:
hash cash ($5),
something warm (if you think 65° is cold),
a light source (cranium lamp!),
a change of shoes (it’s a LIVE LAY so no telling if you’ll get wet feet or not),
a vessel (for your beer drinking),
virgins (sacrifice!),
a sense of direction (the hare forgot his),
a whistle (or just yell real loud),
tacos (I’m hungry)

GATRH3 #174 AD

Where: Kanapaha Middle School, 5005 SW 75th St, Gainesville, Florida
Parking lot find my truck it’ll be there somewhere.
Hares: Urine Horse Deep and just Travis
Date: Friday 2/8 meat at 630 hares away at 7.
Shiggy level 2.69 to 3.69 not sure what we’ll get into because I’ve not scouted it out.
Length: not sure but its going to be a live lay so not to long.
What to bring. Virgins,Cranium gear,vessels, socks,bugspray, hell who am I kidding no one reads this part.
Not sure where on after will be