GATRH3 #191: Turkey Trail


Date: Saturday, November 23
Start: San Felasco Park 6400 NW 43rd Way, Gainesville, FL 32653
Hares: Rock Paper SexHer and Daddy’s Meat in the Shower
Show up: 12:00 PM
Hares Away: 12:30 PM
Length: 4 – 4.69 meh!
Hash cash: $5 and one canned good for donation (second timers are free)
On-After: TBD
Shiggy: 4.69 (Shiggy Meter).

What to bring: $5 hash cash & canned good, first timers, no need for bug spray, even the mosquitoes know to stay away from this trail, vessel, whistle, high socks or long leggings
Theme: Thanksgiving

GATRH3 #182AD – Shiggy Chitty Chatty TuTu (22) Trail


Join us for some shiggy tutu fun and celebration of Chitty’s b-day! Strap on your favorite tutu (2-2) and maybe also a strap on. 

Date: Saturday, June 22
Start: Publix at Springhill Commons 9200 NW 39th Avenue
Hares: JAG and special guest hare, Rock Paper SexHer
Show-up: 5:30pm
Go: 6:00pm
Theme: wear a tutu
Shiggy: 2.69-3.69
Length: 2.69-4.69
Hash cash: $5

What to bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, first timers wearing tutus, bug spray, headlamp or flashlight, drinking vessel, high socks or pants, more first-timers or justs, whistle, tutus, ID, cash for extra drinks/food.

GATRH3 #149 AD: Psychedelic Colorsploshion Trail

Hares: Penis Fly Trap and Just Greg
Where: 822 SE 6th Ave, Gainesville, FL
When: Fri March 9, 6:30 show 7 go
Length: 2.69-3.69
Shiggy: 2.69-3
Hash cash: $5, second timers free

All y’all wankers need some more color in your life, so come on out for the most vibrant trail of your life! Wear your brightest, funkiest attire, and expect plenty of glow sticks, glitter, and body paint. Don’t forget to bring your virgins to please Gispert.

Most people have been to my place before, but you can park in the grassy lot across the street or in the yard of the big blue house just a little west on 6th.

GATRH3 #134 AD: Back to School Trail

Where: Munegins on 13th
When: Saturday August 19
6:30pm show, 7pm go
Shiggy level: 2.69-3.69
Length: 2.96969 miles ISH
Theme: it’s back to school time! Honor those hardworking teachers or their sexy school girls/boys


What to bring: $5 hash cash (2nd timers free), shiggy socks or pants, bug spray, cranium lamps, your best back to school outfit, tasty virgins, dignity (just kidding!), more virgins, and sense of adventure.


Hares: JAG and Pornsuasian
Date: Saturday August 27, 2016
Time: 6:00pm show, 6:30pm go
Start: Kohl’s on 34th and Archer; farthest corner of the lot from the store entrance
Hash Cash: $10 because CRAFT BEER (we will have something else yummy for those that don’t like beer)

Shiggy Level: 1.69-2.69
Length: 2.69 ish

Bring: bug spray, $10 hash cash, thirst for beer, VIRGINS, whistles, cranium lamps, thirst for delicious craft beer, sense of adventure and VIRGINS

Oh yeah and DON’T FORGET YOUR TSHIRT ORDERING CASH!! Only 2 weeks left to order!

GATRH3 104AD: Doctor Who Trail

DrWhowGet ready to dodge some Daleks!

Time to travel through space and time!

Where: North side of the parking lot at Gainesville Health & Fitness MAP; Look for your harriettes
When: Friday June 10, 7:00pm show, 7:30pm go
Hares: JAG and Dead Girl

What to Bring: Your best sonic screwdriver (or anything nerdy if you have no idea what we are talking about), BUG SPRAY, cranium lamp or fleshlight, $5 hash cash, second timers free, shiggy socks and sense of adventure for time travel and nerddom!

Shiggy Level: 1.69-3.69, honestly we don’t know. Damn tropical storm
Length: 2.69-3.69

Get ready for some timey wimey, wibbly wobbly, good fun!

GATRH3 #101 AD -Hashwarming Trail

Friday, April 8 – First second Friday trail. Yay!

START TIME: 6pm hares away 6:30
START LOCATION: Dead Girls House ( submit RSVP, address will be sent via email)
SHIGGY: 1.69
HASH CASH: $5 for trail and circle but bring what you would like to hang out at the house after, or at the very least mixers. We will have some sort of food like orange food and hotdogs
LENGTH: On the shorter side so we can party a bit at the house. 2.69-3.69
HARES: Dead Girl and Live Husband are going to lay!!

GATRH3 #93 AD – Day of the Zombies


Hares:  Dead Girl & Just Jessica
Date: November 1st, Day of the dead
Time: 6:30
Siggy: 2.69-3.69
Length: 1.69-2.69
Location: newberry burger king/hobby lobby parking lot, 6123 W Newberry Rd
Theme: Zombies

Things to bring: Virgins, Whistles, Zombie or Survivor Attire, Hash Cash ($5; free for second-timers), Flashlights, Drinking Vessel, Trail Buddy, BUG SPRAY, SHIGGY SOCKS