GATRH3 #164 AD: Octoberfestiversary

Come help us celebrate the the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen (aka von Sexy-hausen).

Hares: Go Pro and St. Dickless
When: Fri. October 12 6:30pm
Where: Mother’s Pub (1017 W. University Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32601)
Bring: $5 Hash Cash, Virgins, Flashlights, Your finest Bavarian Lederhosen or Dirndles, Butt Stuff, and a Taste for Beer.


GATRH3 #163 AD: Surrender The BOOTY Trail

HARRIETTES: Just Alaska and La Cooch
DATE: Friday, Sept. 28th (National Drink Beer Day)
TIME: 6:30 pm Show / 7:00 pm GO!
WHERE: Parking Lot @ Hogan’s Great Sandwiches (2327 NW 13th St.)
WHAT TO WEAR: Pirate Theme! You can never have TOO much booty! Or at least the Harriettes don’t think so!
WHAT TO BRING: Virgins!!! Virgins with a lot of Booty! $5 Hash Cash, 2nd Timers Free, Vessels, Cranium Lamps, Whistle, Shiggy Socks, Bug Spray, Spiced Rum, Treasure Map and a Parrot.
ON AFTER: Hogan’s Great Sandwiches

GATRH3 #162 AD: Bloody Sanchez and Just Darius GLO Prelube TRAIL

Hares: Bloody Sanchez and Just Darius
When: Thursday, Sept.13th, 6:30 show, 7:30 Go,
Where: 2900 SW 42nd St, Gainesville, FL 32608 Parking at Northernmost point of parking lot.
Shiggy: 4.069
Length: 3+ miles
Bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, Virgins, bug spray, prophylactics, shiggy socks, bug spray, cranium lamps, vessels

GATRH3 #160: Hot Mess Dress Run

Red, white or blue, doesn’t matter the color of your dress, it will be a hot mess by the end of this trail.

Hares: Urine Horse Deep, Just Gordie and Just Ryan
When: Friday, Aug. 10, 6:30 show, 7pm Go, HST
Start location: Map Here:

Park at the north side of the Butler Plaza Walmart. Walk to start by taking the sidewalk along west side walk of Clark Butler BLVD headed north, take a left at the first retention pond, the start is on the strip of land between the two retention ponds, south side.

Shiggy: 3.69 – expect wet with this rain
Length: ~3 miles
Bring: $5 hash cash, second timers free, Virgins, a dress you don’t every want to wear again, bug spray, shiggy socks, bug spray, cranium lamps, vessels

GATRH3 #159 AD: Emoji Trail

Saturday, July 21, 4pm

What: Hogtown Creek Emoji Trail #159 AD
Hares: GGB and Cooch
Start:4026 NW 16th St
This is a home address. We suggest carpooling or parking at CVS. (It’s 2 blocks away.)
Theme: In honor of Jag’s Bday on Tuesday July 17, we will be celebrating World Emoji Day
Come dressed in your Emoji shirt, pants, hat, socks, etc…. Sharpie Emoji’s are acceptable. Make an effort 🙃
Time: 4:00 show, 4:30 go. Roughly ending at 8
Shiggy: 2.69
Length: 2.69 miles😊
Just a short shiggy Creek trail. Extra credit if you find any 🦈 teeth.
Bring: Long 👖 or tall 🧦, 🐜 spray, whistles, cranium gear (just in queso ) $5 Hash Cash 💰, a dry bag with change of clothes.

GatrH3 #157 AD Reminiscent “Race”ist TRAIL

When: June 24
Location: Applebees on 13th Street
Show for Chalk Talk: 4:30pm
Hares away for a live lay: 4:69pm.
On-after: Applebee’s for some grub

It’s Dead Girl and Penisatarian’s 5-year Hashiversary! Our virgin trail was GATRH3 #48.69 on June 20, 2013, officially called the “Raceist Trail”, (but affectionately referred to as the “virgin trail” given the 12+ virgins that showed up). Same start location (Applebee’s) and trail theme will bring back the memories! If only we still had those dirty virgin animals…

Bring: VIRGINS!!!! Vessel (yes!), whistle, $5 hash cash (2nd timers free), ID & Cash for extra credit.

THEME: Dress like a “race-ist”(aka, runner). Pick any decade; wear all your most expensive/obnoxious running gear. race shirts, craniumbands, short shorts, tactical glasses, GPS, heart rate monitors, chip timers, tri-suits, Olympic gold medals, etc.

HARRIETTES: Dead Girl & Penisatarian
Shiggy: TBD
Length: TBD